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17 September, 2021

Islamic Azad University, Yazd Branch

'Every student, a specialty, a skill'

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Student and Cultural Deputy

Student and Cultural Deputy

The Students and Cultural Affairs Office is one of the most active sections in the university which determines the policies, planning, performing and observations on giving welfare services to students and also planning for facilitating the training and learning affairs, performing the different activities of the students by using the facilities available in different management sections such as the student management affairs and the physical education management.

Main Responsibilities

1. Surveying and studying the educational requirements of the university

2. Preparing and formulating educational rules and procedures

3. Continuously carrying out studies and examining educational and scientific innovations as well as upgrading courses and course structures according to the recent developments and progresses

4. Analyzing the distribution system of student population in various educational programs, based on the educational requirements of the University

5. Examining and considering suggestions proposed by departments and faculties on modification and/or development of educational programs, and preparing analytical reports for the Educational Council

6. Monitoring students’ progress

7. Studying and making decisions for students’ problems

8. Observing the implementation of academic rules and regulations

9. Observing the dependent units in order to be assured of their good performance of their duties

10. Observing the development and improvement of different athletic majors in the university and providing necessary facilities for this ground

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