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03 December, 2021

Islamic Azad University, Yazd Branch

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Administrative and Financial Deputy

Administrative and Financial Deputy

Being directly supervised by the president of the university, the Administrative and Financial Office is an innovative organization that coordinates a number of central services for the university. To accomplish its various tasks and responsibilities, the department seeks to work in partnership with other university offices and departments. Additionally, the Office works to provide quality services and continues to establish processes that will ensure accountability in the university’s financial performance that will warrant the highest level of public confidence.

Main Responsibilities

1. Providing accurate and timely reports and information to the university community regarding budgetary and other selected financial matters

2. Preparing, implementing and maintaining the university’s annual operating budget and long-range plan

3. Developing budget forecasts, revisions, reports and analyses to support resource allocation and decision-making as requested by budgetary unit administrators

4. Implementing budgets and funding for major capital and construction projects

5. Utilizing technologies and tools to improve timeliness and accuracy of financial analyses, budget planning and development, and management reporting

6. Providing and compiling the policies of the affiliated units according to the goals of the university, approvals and current regulations and notifying those units

7. Supervising the execution of administrative, financial and servicing affairs considering related regulations

8. Supervising the facility provision, satisfying the university needs, controlling the installation and repairing affairs, and supervising the unassailable execution of contracts

9. Supervising the executive operations in affiliated units and attempting to solve the problems and to improve these units

10. Ensuring that the university can meet the requirements of government, funding bodies and other external agencies

11. Facilitating the attainment of the objectives set out in the university’s Strategic Plan

12. Processing requests for approval for cost sharing or matching funds

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