In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

03 December, 2021

Islamic Azad University, Yazd Branch

'Every student, a specialty, a skill'

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Education and Higher Education Deputy

Education and Higher Education Deputy

Yazd Branch Education Office of the Islamic Azad University intends to train committed and specialized human resources in various fields of medicine, engineering, science, humanities and art, and makes every endeavor to be in the forefront of education technology and teaching methods via leading the reform of the country’s educational system and attaching great importance to the extended cooperation of the dedicated academic staff.

By making use of the helpful experiences and invaluable contributions of the recognized and accredited practitioners in different educational fields, we believe that, we can be one of the most state-of-the-art providers of a high quality education for the students.

All members of the Education Office, along with the students and the academic staff, are required to try to improve and diversify the development of their professional skills and in this respect, we do our best to identify and tackle their needs and demands in order to achieve a highly cultural and educational development, provide students with a rich educational experience and offer great learning opportunities.

Seeking the almighty God’s favor and with regard to the honest and programmed support of our revered colleagues and the constructive and propitious interactions with the country’s Central Organization, we are strongly confident that we are able to achieve the set goals of providing a quality education and be effective in training competent, committed and up-to-dated students.


1) Administrating the educational affairs of the university

2) Investigating and making decisions in educational-related affairs with the help of relevant authorities

3) Monitoring the implementation of the educational regulations and standards

4) Developing and recommending operational principles

5) Supervising the implementation of duties by other educational branches and centers

6) Developing agendas for the Education Council meetings of the university

7) Planning educational affairs in cooperation with relevant university branches

8) Supervising and assessing the implementation of the educational programs and activities by each school, and developing the required reports for the executives and the president of the university

9) Evaluating the educational performance of students, faculty members and heads of university departments per semester, reporting it to the president of the university, and announcing the evaluation results to the faculty members

10) Implementing short-term training courses

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