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03 December, 2021

Islamic Azad University, Yazd Branch

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Research and Technology Deputy

Research and Technology Deputy

Clearly, research accounts for an indispensable component of academic development in every country, enabling professionals in educational fields to learn new things, analyze incoming information, make smart decisions and adapt themselves to modern demands. In fact, developing a research culture appears to be vital to producing knowledge, appraising a  community, assessing educational needs, and forming the foundations of various policies.

Gaining an unprecedented attention and importance, research helps practitioners to explore different educational scopes. A high-quality research methodology can efficiently solve many academic problems, leading to commendable achievements in developing education and hence improving life standards.

The Research and Technology Office guides the affairs of research and technology, makes decisions on administrative polices of academic research, modifies research regulations, rules and procedures, and makes decisions on research funding. The office actively cooperates with other research and entrepreneurship centers, plays a major role in such fields as research management, information and communication technology, and related industries in the province. It conducts, supports, allocates and supervises the research projects in all disciplines from different faculties and centers. The office also has the task of controlling and supervising the activities of the university libraries and the Publication and Documentation Office.

Main Responsibilities

1. Conducting necessary studies and making decisions on research activities

2. Evaluating the university’s research activities

3. Establishing links with local and foreign universities on research fields

4. Distributing and allocating incentives for researchers of the university and providing facilities for them to publish and or present their research articles in international conferences

5. Providing mechanized and digital information and documentation services to the faculty members

6. Supervising the performance of the research centers and institutes of the university

7. Conducting and supporting applied research

8. Supporting developing data network of the university

9. Evaluating and utilizing the results of research projects
10. Planning to provide an appropriate environment for research with regard to invigorating innovation and research attitude

11. Planning to harmonize the university research and scientific activities

12. Planning to participate in research projects outside university and to cooperate with research centers within and outside the university

13. Monitoring university cooperation with different institutions and organizations regarding national, regional and provincial needs and university staff cooperation will industrial centers

14. Devising and proposing projects for training researchers

15. Evaluating, devising and proposing research plans to expand knowledge boundaries

16. Identifying and offering a general policy to show how research findings should be used to improve educational quality throughout the country

17. Devising and proposing different research regulations to proper officials

18. Managing and monitoring activities of lower units

19. Establishing new research centers

21. Administering the activities of the Young Researchers Club and the Student Scientific Association

22. Holding national and international conferences, scientific-technical seminars, and academic workshops

23. Managing the university’s internal research projects as academic output

24. Monitoring the university libraries and database centers and the Publication and Documentation Office.

25. Cooperation with international organizations and industrial centers to in various fields of research

26. Monitoring the performance of laboratories and equipping research workrooms

27. Monitoring and providing the necessary conditions for the thesis defense sessions of graduate and post-graduate students

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