In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

03 December, 2021

Islamic Azad University, Yazd Branch

'Every student, a specialty, a skill'

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Medical Sciences Deputy

Medical Sciences Deputy

Since its establishment in 1986, the Medical Sciences Deputy has been the prototype of a clinically active academic program in general medicine and the subspecialties. Homing about 100 students in medicine and nursing yearly, the Faculty is quite well equipped with modern instruments, machines and computers, sophisticated laboratories, conference room and workshop facilities, enabling them to deal with various projects and issues.  It emphasizes both on learning and research and is striving to reach the national and international standards in teaching, research and patient care, to provide medical services to the community based on international high standards of quality, and to serve as a center for medical education and research projects. Hence, achievements in academic excellence and innovative research, as devotion to promote overall health of the society are the main concerns. These missions are supported by the exceptional faculty and trainees in the faculty who very much represent the forefront of academic medicine. The result is a faculty which reaches far beyond the walls of the medical school to improve humanity and health throughout community and the world providing high quality patient care and training of the next generation of leaders in medicine.

Main Responsibilities

1. Educating the undergraduate medical students and training highly skilled and compassionate physicians who will expand science and research as educators, researchers, and clinicians through new scientific knowledge

2, Encouraging and aiding the faculty and staff in the provision of service in various areas

3. Maintaining and cultivating an environment that nurtures and rewards lifelong learning, cooperation with the partners, and attainment of their maximum potential

The mission of the Medical Sciences Deputy is to develop learning and research environments that are international in scope, inter-disciplinary in orientation and information-linked. The extent and depth of its scientific and clinical disciplines are unsurpassed.

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