In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

03 December, 2021

Islamic Azad University, Yazd Branch

'Every student, a specialty, a skill'

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About us

Islamic Azad University

Yazd Branch

A Brief History and Overview of the University

Today, university is the most important center of science, knowledge, wisdom, hope, excellence and progress, and fortunately, our society enjoys a young, talented and energetic population. This has provided a suitable ground for development and honor for our Islamic country.

On the basis of having trust in God and the gifts from Imam Khomeini, and the unlimited treasure of people's confidence in and respect to the Islamic society, the Islamic Azad University of Yazd was established on December 26th , 1982 in the city of Yazd.

In 1982, 180 students were admitted in four fields of Mathematics, Metallurgy Engineering, Textile Technology Engineering and Civil Engineering. Since Yazd province has always possessed a great attraction in its economic, cultural and social stance in both industry and training, and due to the extensive demand for university education, the Islamic Azad University of Yazd was able to make use of this appropriate ground and public need for its growth and development, and accordingly in each academic year, expanded its domain of activity in quantity as well as quality. At present, the university, with an area of approximately 1501602 square meters, offers 229 fields of study for various degrees including, Non-continuous Associate Degree (Kardani Napesvaste), Continuous Associate Degree (Kardani Peyvaste), Non-continuous Bachelor's Degree (Karshenasi Napeyvaste), Continuous Bachelor's Degree (Karshenasi Peyvaste), Non-continuous Master's Degree (Karshenasi Arshad Napeyvaste), DVM and Ph.D. Degree. The university holds over 8344 students, 177 competent faculty members and 242 visiting instructors, while approximately 51207 have so far graduated from the university.

We expect our students to be harbingers of knowledge and peace, and examples of humanity in word and in action by augmenting their professional education and scientific capabilities.

All rights and privileges of this site belong to the Islamic Azad University of Yazd, and any use of the contents of this site will be prosecuted.